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Image Processing and Pattern Recognition for Remote Sensing Lab

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Active Projects

Main Past Projects

  • TIAMO, IoT technologies for the marine environment (Liguria Region, European Regional Development Fund, ERDF)
  • URBIS, Urban land recycling information services for sustainable cities (EC, Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Program)
  • PRIN 2012, Very high spatial and spectral resolution remote sensing: a novel integrated data analysis system, coordinated by Prof. S. B. Serpico (MIUR)
  • RIMA, Development of technologies and software for a Mediterranean prediction network for marine-coastal environmental management (MIUR)
  • ENDORSE, Energy downstream services – Providing energy components for GMES (EC FP7 SPACE)
  • CSK AO 2181, Development and validation of multitemporal image analysis methodologies for multirisk monitoring of critical structures and infrastructures (Italian Space Agency, ASI)
  • OPERA, Civil protection from floods (ASI)
  • PROSCENIO, Development of processing procedures, observation, and computation tools for the validation of the probability of occurrence of hydrological, hydraulic, and fire risk (Italian Department of Civil Protection)
  • PRIN 2005, Development and validation of innovative data-fusion techniques for environmental remote sensing (MIUR)
  • PRIN 2003, Development of satellite and radar data assimilation models for the estimation of the water balance at the soil surface, integrated with limited area models (MIUR)
  • PRIN 2002, Processing and analysis of multitemporal and hypertemporal remote sensing images for environmental monitoring (MIUR)
  • PRIN 2001, Analysis and classification of remotely sensed hyperspectral images (MIUR)
  • PRIN 2000, Fusion of remote-sensing data for environmental monitoring (MIUR)
  • ECOSAR, Processing and classification of optical and SAR data for environmental risk management (ASI)
  • MARSIS, Processing of subsurface sounded radar data for water detection in the upper Martian crust (ASI)
  • SARIS, SAR Image Interpretation – Preliminary project for a SAR image processing system (ASI)
  • MERIS, Experimentation of integrated methodologies for water color analysis by MERIS data (ASI)
  • ECOSURVEY, Survey and evaluation on ecological environment in selected areas of Central China (with the CETMA consortium)
  • MEDALUS II, Mediterranean desertification and land use impacts modelling and evaluation (EU ENVIRONMENT)
  • FIRE, Integrated assessment of environmental degradation connected with forest fires in European areas (EU ENVIRONMENT)
  • MUSIP, Multisensorial image processing (EU ESPRIT)